27 Coming St.

by Run Dan Run

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released January 24, 2009

Recorded live on Sunday, October 19th, 2008 in the living room of 27 Coming St.

Ash Hopkins - Guitar, Voice
Nick Jenkins - Percussion, Voice
Dan McCurry - Piano, Guitar, Voice
Erin McKinley - Violin, Voice

Mixed & Mastered by Ash Hopkins.
Album Art by Megan Elger
Album Poster by Nathan Durfee




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Run Dan Run Charleston

Charleston, SC-based indie rock band formed in 2006 by Dan McCurry, Ash Hopkins, & Nick Jenkins.

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Track Name: Wasted Love
Sometimes I can’t sleep at night
Cause I’m afraid that when I wake you’ll be gone
Dreams can feel so real
I’ll forget the sting of your stationary cold front

The wait, alone
Alone, the wait
I can’t take all this avoidance from you

I’ve wasted love on you, on you, on you

Pizza sauce stains your shirt
A good massage never hurt
Parks are places where lovers meet
And where bums go to get some sleep

How long must I wait?
How long till you make
Up your mind and say that you’ll give me a chance

I’ve wasted love on you, on you, on you

All my hopes are nearly dashed
But I’m still stumbling over that last question you asked
Laid to rest you should be
But I’m still reading the last thing that you wrote to me

You’re perfume invades my lungs
And you’re eyes light me up
And somehow that makes it seem alright

I’ve wasted love on you, on you, on you
Track Name: Philosophies of Old Men
I thought that forever would be a long, long time
But all the endings came quick.
Track Name: The Setup: The Blackout
I heard the black waters roll
But I didn’t see you comin’
See you comin’

Patterned after the wreckage
There was the setup, of course it was setup
You knew it was setup

Out of the blackout
I did the right thing
Track Name: Happiness To Be
Maybe it’s wrong to think
That all of the following
Is unfolding at projected speed,
Predetermined and “meant-to-be”

Promises tied with string
Insurable golden rings
Signed papers of authority
Provide claims to security

Accounting for good deeds
And redeeming qualities
Merits honor and ceremony
And entitled bounty

Predictions and prophecies
Are guiding most faithfully
To truth and prosperity
In the continued firm belief

Go on expecting for happiness to be a handout
Track Name: Points of Departure
Terminals and bus stops
Coffee shops and boardwalks
Over the intercoms
Looking for someones

Islands of people
Drift along sidewalks
Points of departure
Distance and space

Maybe there’s a light on

But there could be no one